I love to paint, although sometimes I grumpily approach it sideways, cleaning the studio, prepping canvases, not yet ready to commit my soul to an empty space. I get restless, switch from one loved style to another – people, sunsets. I love to look so much that I will never paint a fraction of what I see and then think: this is beautiful, what a great painting it would make! I love to make things, use my hands. Paint is a thing, three dimensional. I love the tools, the physicality, and color. Color is like music or a dance with no limitations on variation. I always try to strip my image/painting to it’s essence, to just paint what is important. I want the viewer to connect on an emotional level. I want my painting to speak. To say: this is what I have to give – This moment of joy or bliss or tension or strength. This is it now. Look!